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Eclipse Viewing

April 8, 2024, 1:00 pm - 4:00 pm

Rose Hill Mansion
3373 Route 96A
Geneva, NY 14456

January 24, 1925, was the last time Geneva witnessed a total solar eclipse.  Join us for a once in a lifetime experience and view the Great North America Solar Eclipse at Rose Hill Mansion.

The mansion’s grounds will open at 1 pm. Visitors can walk the grounds and preview the 2024 exhibits in the East Tenant Cottage prior to viewing the eclipse.  Bring your own chairs and blanket.  Totality in Geneva starts at 3:21 pm and will last approximately for 2 minutes and 21 seconds.  After the eclipse the first floor of the mansion will be open for self-guided tours.

Solar Eclipse Information

  • To watch the solar eclipse, you must wear solar viewing glasses.
  • Among the things you experience during totality are the temperature will drop ten degrees; animals and plants will behave as if it’s night; planets and stars will be visible; and sharpening of shadows.
  • Even if April 8 is a cloudy day, it will still get dark.
  • The solar eclipse will begin at 2:07 pm and end at 4:34 pm.
  • 2144 will be the next time a solar eclipse will be seen in New York State.
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