Past Exhibits

Come Out and Play: Sports and Recreation in Geneva

Come Out and Play: Sports and Recreation in Geneva looks at how sports and athletic participation have changed and developed over time in the city.

From early spectator sports to semi-pro teams, athletic pursuits have been part of the Geneva community since its early days. In the 1800s, Genevans turned out to watch baseball, harness racing and walking competitions. Sailing, swimming, and fishing were natural around the lake, while clubs and businesses in the 1900s fielded competitive teams in baseball, football, bowling, and lacrosse. Games and sports for adults and youth have helped create social bonds, raise funds for good causes, and draw visitors to the city. Explore the ebb and flow of various sports in the community in this exhibit.

Come Out and Play is the second exhibition in a series on the topic of sports in Geneva. Panthers & Saints, an exhibit on high school sports, is on view until June 29, 2019. Statesmen, Herons, & Lakers: College Sports in Geneva will open July 13.