Past Exhibits

Dove’s Geneva

The exhibit Dove’s Geneva focuses on artist Arthur Dove’s connection to Geneva. Dove (1880-1846) was America’s first modernist painter. He grew up in Geneva in a family of stonemasons. Dove moved to New York City and became an illustrator after attending Hobart College and Cornell University. He is known for the abstract paintings he began creating in the 1910s. Dove also lived in Geneva from 1933 to 1938 and produced paintings inspired by the city and Seneca Lake. Many of the Dove family’s buildings still stand in Geneva.

Dove’s Geneva explores local buildings and sites connected to Dove and his family. It also contrasts the Geneva of Dove’s youth with the city he knew in the 1930s (June to September 2018).

Dove’s Geneva Part 1

Dove’s Geneva Part 2