School Programs

Tales of Christmas Past (December)

All classes will view the Prouty-Chew period rooms, which will be decorated for Christmas. Students will find out how the Prouty family celebrated Christmas in the late 1800s and see the kinds of toys the children received.

Grade 1

We focus on the holiday traditions of the Prouty family, the roles and responsibilities of the Prouty family members, and how the Prouty family was similar to/different from families today.

Grade 2

We focus on the ways in which the Geneva community has changed since the 1800s, including changes in household technology, holiday traditions, landscape, and in the production and consumption of goods. Students will view the decorated period rooms, the children’s Discovery Room, and portions of the permanent exhibits.

Grade 3

We focus on the holiday traditions of the Prouty family and other families in Geneva’s past. We compare and contrast these celebrations with other traditions and celebrations in Geneva and around the world.

Please note that most of this program takes place on the main floor of the museum, which is not wheelchair accessible. If you have students for whom this will be a problem, please call and we can arrange a comparable in-classroom program.

NYS Standards Covered

  • Social Studies Standard 1
  • English Language Arts Standard 1 Arts Standards 2