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Virtual Cemetery Stories: Grade 2

In this virtual cemetery program for grade 2, students will learn that there are different kinds of cemeteries around the world and that cemeteries help people remember their loved ones who have died. Students will understand what type of information is found on a cemetery stone. They will learn about Geneva’s Washington Street Cemetery and what stories it tells about Geneva’s early history.

The Cemetery Stories virtual program is a classroom-ready downloadable program, to be instructed by the classroom teacher using the resources linked below. The virtual cemetery program consists of two PowerPoint slide decks with embedded video or a pdf version of the presentation with links to the relevant video content, accompanying lesson plans, and other materials. An Internet connection is required to stream the video material.

Content is broken into two lessons and supplemental materials. All the materials for the lessons can be found at the Google Drive link below:

Virtual Cemetery Stories Program Grade 2

Supplemental Materials for Exploring Cemeteries

Historic Background of Washington Street Cemetery

Historic Images of Washington Street Cemetery

Tips for Making Gravestone Rubbings


New York State Standards Covered:

SS Standard 1: History of the United States and New York State

Social Studies Framework Practices:

  • Gathering, Interpreting and Using Evidence
  • Chronological Reasoning and Causation
  • Geographic Reasoning

ELA Standard: Research to Build and Present Knowledge

ELA Standard: Comprehension and Collaboration

ELA Standard: Vocabulary Acquisition and Use

Visual Arts Standard 7: Perceive and analyze artistic work.

Visual Arts Standard 8: Interpret meaning in artistic work.

Visual Arts Standard 11: Investigate ways that artistic work is influenced by societal, cultural, and historical context, and in turn, how artistic ideas shape past, present, and future