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A Brief History of Lacrosse in Geneva

May 8th, 2024

A video slide show of the History Happy Hour presentation, “A Brief History of Lacrosse in Geneva.”

2 responses to “A Brief History of Lacrosse in Geneva”

  1. Christine Covert Murney says:

    This was wonderful! To see my Great Grandfather, Doc Covert and my Dad, Jay B Covert III made my heart happy! My brother also played lacrosse for Geneva High and went on to play at West Point. My son had a stick in his hand from the day he started toddling. He played for the Geneva Youth Lacrosse league all they way through high-school until 2 ACL tears in the same knee side lined him for good. Thank you for this slide show.

  2. Charlie Bauder says:

    John, Sorry I missed the presentation at Lake Drum. Great history. Nice to seem many players and coaches that I know or knew.
    Thanks for all of your research.

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