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Wittwer & Baumgartner meat market, early 1900s

November 17th, 2014

Wittwer & Baumgartner meat market on Castle Street, early 1900s

3 responses to “Wittwer & Baumgartner meat market, early 1900s”

  1. Lisa Meacham says:

    Hello! My name is Lisa (Wittwer) Meacham and Gottfried Wittwer (on right) is my great-grandfather! His parents were Fredrick Wittwer and Maria Baumgartner. I don’t know the names of the other two men in this photo but suspect at least one could be a Baumgartner. Wittwer is my father’s side of the family; my mother’s father was Al Gaglianese, owner of Al’s Barber Shop at the Plaza on Hamilton Street. His brother/my great uncle was Russell Gaglianese of Gaglianese’s Flower Shop. :-)

    1. Anne Dealy says:

      Thank you so much for the identifying information. I will pass it on to our Curator.

  2. Gary Bryan says:

    I remember this place well during the war (WW II). sawdust on the floor and no prepackage meats.. sausage and bologna were my favorites.

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