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Appleknockers Drum & Bugle Corp

July 14th, 2015

The Appleknockers on parade at the corner of Seneca and Linden Streets, 1958.

3 responses to “Appleknockers Drum & Bugle Corp”

  1. Michelle Cleggett says:

    Hello my name is michelle ( augustine) cleggett. I was in the core in 68. Please email some pics. Ty so much.

    Michelle cleggett

    1. Jamesmemories. says:

      Michelle, we have a Facebook page with lots of pictures and memories.

  2. Gregory Peller says:

    “Between 1970 and 1971 I was a lead snare drum player of the Appleknockers and I was seven and a half years old. At the time I was the youngest snare drum player in their history, but Danny Fitzgerald eventually moved to me to bass drum because I accidentally put a hole in the bottom of my snare drum. I left the band after that, but I had great experiences at both the old Geneva Community Center and the Armory right down the street. A girl named Melanie was our instructor.”

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