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A History of the Geneva Public Library Building

June 1st, 2023

This lecture is a history of the Geneva Public Library building at 244 Main Street. This building has been home to just two organizations in its 188-year history, the library and the Universalist Church. Archivist Becky Chapin looks at the changes the structure has undergone from its construction by the Universalists in 1834 to the present day.

One response to “A History of the Geneva Public Library Building”

  1. Kathleen Quartaro Emerman says:

    Absolutely fascinating. Thank you for the incredibly comprehensive history of the Geneva Public Library. I visit when I am in town and always see people taking advantage of the resources offered. The Children’s area is a fabulous, welcoming area that has to help foster the love of reading in the youngsters fortunate enough to be exposed to all it offers. I never miss visiting “the balcony” where, I must admit, my friends and I would end up giggling since we were supposed ro be quiet. That memory always brings a smile. The Geneva Public Library is an absolute treasure for the entire Geneva community and surrounding area.

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