2018 Year in Review

December 28th, 2018
Interior doorway

With burst pipes and falling plaster among other things, the year started off with a bang at Rose Hill.

little girl playing dress up











Two educational programs for homeschooling families were held at the Geneva History Museum.  During the programs families visited stations throughout the museum that featured hands-on activities about life in the 1800s.

people sitting in front a screen listening to a lecture

Teresa Lehr’s lecture  on the Spanish Influenza in the Finger Lakes.



Our spring and fall lecture series continued with programs about medicine and World War I.





two vehicles with trunks filled with boxes and bagsTo commemorate the 100th anniversary of World War I, we collected two carloads of personal care items and clothing for active members of the military and veterans.  Items were donated to Canandaigua’s Blue Star Mothers.


art work on a wall

2018 Geneva City School District Art Show




From art to World War I, we hosted a variety of exhibits this year.  Our exhibits were Medicine and Illness: Health Care in Geneva, 2018 Geneva City School District Art Show, A Changing World: Geneva and World War I, Dove’s Geneva, and Growing up in Geneva.




Vase with flowers, candlesticks and a mirror on a mantle.

Stenciling in the south parlor of Johnston House.








book cover to "Rose Hill Mansion: From Progressive Farm to Historic House Museum"



This year marked the 50th anniversary of Rose Hill becoming a historic house museum.  Along with the publication of Rose Hill Mansion: From Progressive Farm to Historic House museum, we commemorated the anniversary with the creation of Rose Hill post-it notes and coloring book, Rose Hill After Hours program series, buy-one-get-one free admission days and the special event Rose Hill  Through the Ages.



painting of a series of buildings

Exchange Street II, Alexandre Gallery


For three days in June, we celebrated the importance of Dove and his work to Geneva (Dove’ video) with the Dove Tribute Group.  Activities included the exhibit opening of Dove’s Geneva, a presentation by Hobart and William Smith Colleges Professor of Sociology Emeritus Jim Spates, a panel discussion with Dove scholars, art historian Alan Pensler and Princeton Professor of Art History Rachael DeLue, and a tour of the Dove Block.  A self-guided tour of sites around Geneva connected to Dove and his family, sponsored by the City of Geneva, was also created

people standing in front of an outdoor display

In June we celebrated the Finger Lakes region’s breweries with Blues, Brews, and Barbecue.









People dancing outside

June concert at Rose Hill



Agonal Rhythm, Miller’s Wheel, and The Three of Us were part of the Rose Hill Concert Series.




Man standing behind a podium

Volunteer of the year Dick Buck.



From special events to data entry we could not accomplish all that we do without the support of our volunteers






Man and woman sitting on a bench

Enjoying the view of Seneca Lake from Rose Hill.








girl pushing a machine in a front yard

As part of the cultural landscape report for Rose Hill, Jenny Lauer contacted Ithaca College physics professor Michael “Bodhi” Rogers to help perform a geophysical survey of the property. Over three weeks this summer Jenny and Bodhi, along with two Ithaca College students, used ground-penetrating radar to gather underground data and a 3D laser scanner to record the location of standing architecture features.  The data uncovered will be matched against historical photos and other documents to help determine the property’s original landscape design.

Two little girls kneeling in front of a calf

Farm Heritage Day at Johnston House







red, brass car in a lawn



Among the groups to visit RH this summer were members of a brass car club.



little boy wearing toy butterfly wings with a car in the background

Another satisfied customer from the Carriage House Gift Shop.








Certificate from Mount Vernon

Over a long weekend, a group did a whirlwind tour of Gettysburg and Washington DC.  As part of our trip, we raised the American flag over George Washington’s Mount Vernon.

People walking in a cemetery

Tour of Glenwood Cemetery







Civil War re-enactors loading cannons with children watching from behind a fence

Reynold’s Battery held a Civil War Encampment on the grounds of Rose Hill for Seneca County middle school students.



Whether inside or outside the classroom over 2,300 students was provided a variety of opportunities to explore Geneva’s stories.




Basket filled with jars, wine, and plates

Italian themed raffle basket for Geneva BID’s Light Up Geneva Auction


Partnering with community organizations and taking part in community events allows us to reach a broad audience.  Along with participating in Festival of Nations, Seneca7 and Bookfest, we donated raffle items to several organizations including baskets to the Geneva Public Library, Lochland, and Boys and Girls



Outdoor sign for Area Records


The Adopt an Artifact program was created to help us care for our 1,300 cubic feet of archival materials,50,000 photographs and 7,000 objects.


Cover to the Geneva Memory Game



What is sure to become a must-have in every household – the Geneva Memory Game.





Tables filled with Christmas decorations and ornamentsThe Women’s Council of the Geneva Historical Society was established in 1969 to further the work of the Historical Society by providing volunteers and financial support. Though the Women’s Council was disbanded in 2012, its primary fundraiser, the Wassail

Bowl and Sale, has continued.  2018 marked the 50th Wassail Bowl and Sale.  To date the Council and Wassail Bowl committee has raised $281,544.21 for the Historical Society.

Outline of a young woman reflected on a curtain

With Breadcrumbs Productions, we hosted a retelling of the holiday classic “The Nutcracker.”











A cemetery with wreaths in front of every headstone

Sampson Veterans Memorial Cemetery



Our tradition of participating in Wreaths Across America continued in December when a group laid wreaths at Sampson.

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