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  • Disasters on Land and Water

    December 26th, 2019
    Danger on water and land plagued 19th-century Americans.
  • Airports in Geneva

    October 12th, 2018
    Brief history of airports in Geneva, New York.
  • A Mobe By Any Other Name . . .

    December 15th, 2016
    The debate on what to call automobiles as seen through local newspapers.
  • There’s Nothing Like A Model T

    July 22nd, 2016
    A visit to Rose Hill by the Model T Ford Club International provides insights into the Model T.
  • Oh, those 1960s Cars!

    February 12th, 2016
    I am not a car buff. My vehicle doesn’t have to be sporty, exotic or sexy, but it just needs to get me from my home to my destination safely and comfortably.
  • Carriages and Wagons and Of Course, the Horse

    August 21st, 2015
    Almost everyone who knows me knows I am fascinated by horses. The way they move, how graceful they can be, and the fact that their history is so entwined with that of humans intrigues me.
  • The First Leg of the Journey Home

    March 29th, 2014
    A member of the Johnston family's journey back to Scotland.
  • The Seneca Chief

    November 22nd, 2013
    History of the steamboat, Seneca Chief
  • The Helpful Horse

    February 11th, 2013
    The rise of the automobile and the decline of using horses for transportation in Geneva, New York.