Family Day at Rose Hill

June 23rd, 2023

By Mel Oles, Visitor Services and Program Manager at Rose Hill Mansion and Johnston House

On Saturday, August 12 Family Day is returning to Rose Hill Mansion.  This is an event that everyone in the family can enjoy!  It’s a great opportunity to explore the mansion and have fun with your loved ones.  There will be a variety of activities available, including making ice cream, playing old fashioned games, oxen, crafts and more.  You can also enjoy live music and hands-on activities throughout the day for free!

two cows in front of Rose Hill Mansion

Moon and Star at Family Day in 2022.

One of the activities for the day is making ice cream with the Ontario County Dairy Princess, Olivia Maslyn.  The ice cream will be made with a hand cranked machine. To make ice cream in a crank machine takes about 30 to 45 minutes of hard work.  The Genesee County Bobbin Lace Guild will also give demonstrations.  This traditional craft involves creating intricate designs using threads wound around wooden bobbins.  The Guild is a group of passionate individuals who share a love for the art of bobbin lace making.  They strive to promote and preserve the tradition of bobbin lace making.  Come and see it in person and learn more about it.

Overall, Family Day at Rose Hill will be a wonderful event that will offer something for everyone.  There will be plenty of entertainment and educational, hands-on activities that will keep everyone engaged throughout the day.  For more information about the event please visit our website or stay tuned for more information about the event in next month’s blog article.

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