Voices From the Archives

February 26th, 2021
An African-American man in a baseball uniform and holding a bat in front of his thighs.

Geneva ball player and coach Henry McDonald.

Thanks to new digitization efforts we are slowly discovering what is in our cassette tape collection.  For her book Make a Way: Somehow: African American Life in a Northern Community, 1790-1965, Kathryn Grover conducted oral histories with members of Geneva’s African American community. During the month of February portions of the interviews with Al Dion Robison, Ed and Henryetta McDonald, and Jim Richmond were shared on our Facebook and Instagram pages.  Below are links to the audio and transcriptions of these interviews

Al Dion Robinson discussed his struggle to be hired at the Post Office – link to audio and interview interview transcription.

Ed and Henryetta McDonald talked about attending school and their father, Henry McDonaldlink to audio and interview transcription.

Jim Richmond shared his work experience and becoming the second African American manager of a Firestone store in the United States – link to audio and interview transcription. 

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