#museumalphabet, Part 2

September 25th, 2020

To bring their collections to people at home, museums around the world have gotten very creative in sharing items through social media campaigns.  Among the campaigns have been bouquetscreepiest objectsmoments of zen, museum pets, and the best bums.  One campaign we participated in was #museumalphabet.  Over 26 days we shared items from our collection in alphabetical order.  For each letter we also asked our Facebook and Instagram followers to share a person, place or event from Geneva that began with the profiled letter. Last we shared suggestions for letters A to M. Below are some of the suggestions for letters N to Z.  Do you have additions?

down scene of store fronts and a movie theater

Regent Theatre


  • National Bank of Geneva
  • Neider’s Park / ice rink
  • Neil Sjoblom
  • Neisner’s 5 & Dime
  • Nester Hose Co.
  • Nester Hotel
  • New York State Experiment Station
  • Nonna’s Trattoria
  • North Street School
  • Nursery Avenue


  • Oak Street
  • Octagon House
  • Odd Fellows
  • Odell’s Pond
  • Ontario ARC
  • Ontario County
  • Ortucchio Club
  • Orville Over (first city manager)
  • Shuron Optical


  • Palmisano Funeral Home
  • Park Place
  • Patent Cereal
  • Pepsi Lane
  • Pinky’s
  • Ports Café
  • Pre-Emption Line/Street/Road
  • Pronti’s
  • Prospect School
  • Pulteney Street/Park/Land Office/Apartments
brick building with an outdoor waiting area

Lehigh Valley Railroad


  • (Barber Shop) Quartets
  • Quad (Hobart and William Smith)
  • Qwik Solar

  • Red Jacket
  • Redman’s
  • Reeders Florist
  • Ridgewood Drive
  • Ringers Bakery
  • Rintino’s
  • Rocky Fratto
  • Ronnie’s Cedar Inn
  • Rotary
  • Rylie J’s


  • Geneva Senators (baseball team)
  • S & H Green Stamps
  • Saglimbeni Liquors
  • Seneca Foods
  • Seneca Lake
  • Seneca Lake State Park
  • Smith Opera House
  • Sons of Italy
  • St. Stephen’s School and Church


  • Tarr’s Dairy
  • Tillman Street
  • Tommy the Traveler
  • Torrey Park
  • Town and Country Plaza
  • Tremont Street
  • Trotta’s Bar
  • Trout Derby
  • Turk Road
  • Twin Oaks  


  • Hobart Lacrosse and Dave Urick
  • Uncle Joe’s
  • Universal Appliance
Staged photo of an artist painting a portrait

Artist Francis Marion Tuttle.


  • Mr. Vincent at Pudgies Pizza
  • Valu Home Center.
  • Vance metal
  • Vance Metal Works
  • Varsity sweaters
  • Ventosa Vineyards
  • Venuti’s Restaurant
  • Verplanck Street
  • VFW
  • Vonnie’s Boathouse


  • Washington Street Cemetery
  • Water Street Cafe
  • Waterfront
  • WEOS
  • WGVA
  • White Springs Road
  • William Smith College
  • Wilmer and the Dukes
  • Woolworths at the Plaza
  • Wylie J’s


  • X’s pool hall
trees along the water front

The Willows Along Seneca Lake

  • Hi-Y Club
  • Yacht club
  • Yaegel Road
  • YMCA


  • Zotos

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  1. MJ Benda says:

    OMG! How did Rose Hill Mansion, the Rose, Strong and Swan families not make the list?

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